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The Thunder Tracks

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album tracks

Zounds like Thunder

‘ I ‘

Yo Conscience

Harmonic Pastures (part 1)

Harmonic Pastures Part 2 (Scream Eagle)

Can U Hear ?

Chicken Scratch


Happy Thang

Down Sout’

Truth ‘Scarecrow Fool’

Zounds Like Thunder

A blistering track which to me is the title track of the Thunder tracks album, when i listened to my Uncle Cabs (Calloway) original Za zu ze it immediately had me rewinding to the beginning loop which resonated in me. The lyrical content is a mix of the movie ‘Freedom road’ which starred Muhammad Ali and there was a part where the former slaves who were working to buy their land from there errant former slave masters by working to build the railroads.

With Gideon Jackson they began chanting in cadence ‘It sounds like, it sounds like thunder…. it was captivating and immediately conjured the lyrics. Together these powerful works inspired me to continue and from this ZOUNDS LIKE THUNDER was born, Zounds meaning (a righteous anger, altered by the creators wounds) you cannot separate the creator from man for Creator is in man….

Featured: Ant Hatcher (vocals, Electric Guitar, arrangement)

I ‘-

the origin of I started in ’94 with the band ‘I’ which was Ant Hatcher, Mike Strauber, Ken Shaulk (Canderia), and Latin Brian (guitar). The song never died and has been in the stage set since. on making of the Thunder tracks I felt it was important to record ‘ I ‘ since it has stood the test of time and space…. The lyrics were written on my steps when i lived in Kobe Japan yet i wouldn’t live them out until i moved back to New York City …. together with 4 of the African Indianz and myself we blazed through it and made this searing rendition of an already classic track to African Indianz fans, and were always proud to perform it live…

Featured: Ant Hatcher (vocals, Electric guitar)

Nim Saddot (bass)

Adriano Barvik (kit)

Russ Wilson (electric guitar)

Antoine Gilleron (horns)

Yo’ Conscience

Yo Conscience is both a retrospective look and an introspective look. With a classical background ant Hatcher approaches the mike with a dazzling lyrical arrangement second to none..

Featured: Ant Hatcher (vocals, Silver Flute, bass, Keys)

Russ Wilson (electric guitar)

Down Sout- This new vocal version was penned by Ant Hatcher of the Original African Indianz & Aron ‘Spazecraft’ Lazansky. the track also features the Cornet stylings of the inimitable Graham Haynes (Son of Jazz legend, Roy Haynes) with Aron Goldsmith (Bass n guitar). Just a side note, the trumpet player physically in the video is not the featured horn player ON the song, that is a member was Kevin G. Davy of the original African Indianz… This video was shot on location with film Director Thomas Studdart and the XPMX production team

The lyrics speak for them self … Occupy all that was stolen, recognize and keep the sun in your eyes …

This is a remix of an original instrumental that was released by Wordsound Records on both the “Sub Hitz” Vol. 3 & on the soundtrack to the movie “Crooked” on DVD.

Featured: Ant Hatcher (Vocals)

Aron ‘Spazecraft’ Lazansky (Production and engineering)

Aron Goldsmith (bass & e.guitar)

Graham Haynes (Horns)

Harmonic Pastures (part 1 & 2)-

Born on my couch in Harlem new York, then inspired lyrically and Rhythmically in my old home at 1469 Hayes Street in San Francisco, and finally recorded the best i could without the funds to afford an Orchestra The Harmonic Pastures is dear to me as The ring of Doom to Frodo…

featured artists: Ant Hatcher: Vocals, Flute (silver classical) Guitar, Keys, arrangement

Adriano Barvik (kit),

Nim Saddot (Bass guitar)

Can U Hear?

A children s story, a poem, a painting.. Can You Hear touches the infinite and asks only if you Can Hear the voice in the wind… Musically The OAI have been thumping his track on stages across the globe for the past 5 years mixed with a heavy Roots rhythm and a live drum and bass middle audiences learn to kick then to kick it in…

featured: Ant Hatcher (Vocals, E. Guitar, keys, flute)

Russ Wilson (e. guitar),

Adriano Barvik (kit)

Nim Saddot (Bass)

Sonja Von Turon, Rebecca and Sarah Collings (backing vocalz)

Chicken Scratch-

Going back down south on this one… as it opens you can feel the soft summer wind lowing on the old plantation porch, The intimacy of Uncle Remus told in the modern day and all day the chickens scratch lookin for vitals and in the midst something id looking for them, and as the elder smokes his corn pipe in the morning peace a storm comes looking for him…

featured: Ant Hatcher (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)

Art Terry (Keys)

Adriano Barvik (kit)

Russ Wilson (E. guitar) with

Sonja Von Turon with Sarah & Rebecca Collings (backing vocalz)


I got Three letters for you N.Y.C. This is one of the tracks that gets the audience in an uproar every time cus that’s all you can do ‘Bounce’. It’s lyrical content is tight and constant and the chorus driving… like most indianz tracks it suggests the notion to reflect and wake up!

Featured: Ant Hatcher (Vocals, E. Guitar, Keys)

Adriano Barvik (kit)

Nim Saddot (bass)

Happy Thang-

Who are the people in your neighborhood? Inspired by the old Sesame Street song ‘ who are the people in your neighborhood’ you get asked the question ‘Who are the people in your neighborhood? this track has that swing on it to get the crowd poppin and a helluva hook of a chorus so We can have an OAI sing along all night long…

Featured: Ant Hatcher (vocals, Electric guitar, keys)

Adriano Barvik (kit)

Nim Saddot (bass)

Sonja Von Turon, Rebecca and Sarah Collings (backing vocalz)

Antoine Gilleron (Horns)

Truth Scarecrow Fool’-

Recorded in my room at 24 Jeffrey s Street in Camden Town (London), Truth ‘Scarecrow Fool’ brings a beauty and tranquility to the lives of anyone who hears this song …. running through the corn fields a young boy stmbles upon the scarecrow flowing strong in the wind alive as is the wind !

The main instrument is a Native American Double flute played on top of behind an organic menagerie of sounds and chimes…

Featured: Ant Hatcher (Flute, Keys and effects)


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