Hiring for Gigs, Concerts and Festivals

Hiring the OAI

The OAI is a 5-7 piece band that focuses on the big show..

Vocals/ electric & bass Guitar, Synthesizers, flutes, Kit/ Percussion and occasionally Trumpet. Our specific style of playing is Epic/ Ecclectic We hit the audience hard with a bombardment of pure energy and Rock the Spot with a style all our own.

As well we hire professional lighting and explosive technicians to utilize for hire when the budget is sufficient. We also use torches and video backdrops as well as stage props (The better the budget the better the show).We are always meeting and looking for visual enthusiastic artists with energy and a creative mind.

The Indianz show is high entertainment with a powerful important message Spreading positivity and relaying the message to keep faith and rekindle hope for change in the oldest tradition in the Universe LOVE & SOUND ….

Hiring Costs

Festivals- £1,750 for 45 / 1 hour/ 1 ½ show .

Featuring Ant Hatcher (Vox (Flute, Percussion) , E. Guitar, Bass, Keyz, Kit, Percussion, (Horns)



The OAI ‘Untaimable Drum Unit’

Drum Fu Is the key as ‘ Fu’ is the living spirit, for over 30 years We’ve been performing and taking a part of Drum Circles all over the World New York City, San Francisco, The Carolinas ans National Shows, Europe (Holland, Denmark, The UK and Spain), and Africa (Gambia, Senegal and Mali).

We not only perform but we include any and everyone who wish to be a part of it which is the spirit of drum itself…

Hiring Costs

Festivals – Ant plus one member £ 500 / included Free When hiring the OAI

+ 200 each additional member


The Ant Hatcher ‘One Man show’ is a percussive performance, . It consists of A Bass Kit Drum, Two Congas, Djembe drum, Effects delay and various flutes. Its heavy, catching the attention of anyone within earshot..

Duration 30 – 45 min

Fee £ 500

Festival Costs

The Cost to hire The OAI  1,500

The OAI plus The OAI Drum Unit  1,750

please feel free to contact us concerning smaller venues and price negotiation